Time lapse painting of a couple. A couple in love. But far away. And so she throws him a gift: a shooting star.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions! I don’t know why, but this one struck me with inspiration:

“dear mary,
i have this boy.. & it’s a long distance thing.. but we have this sort of knack of sending each other youtube videos of things with meaning, or maybe made us smile..
do you think you could draw a boy and a girl and stars above them?
it would mean a lot..
thank you.
with hope, peyton.”

MUSIC BY: Give Me Motion
Check out his new video of an old song, “Sunflower”

P.S. see if you can’t spot me in Nice Peter’s Monday video:

MEDIUM: Watercolor
SIZE: 12″ X 8″
TIME: 58 min. 53 sec.
The original painting has been SOLD.

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