‘Shop Tails’ – the Audio Book

At the mic in the audiobook/voiceover recording room at Primary Studios. The masks were off during recording in the booth but went back on again as soon as we were done each day. (Photo: Magda Hiller)

This week we hit a big milestone: the completion of recording and editing an audiobook version of “Shop Tails.” I’m so relieved. The project has been a joy to work on and has given me the juice to keep going for the past several weeks.

The recording alone was an experience. I don’t think I’ve previously recorded an entire book, but this book, in terms of length and content, seems to lend itself to an audio edition. For one thing, it’s informal. Second, having been introduced to one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, through his recording for NPR of “Holidays on Ice,” I know how effective it can be to introduce readers to new titles and authors through this medium. It’s a great way to capture the author’s peculiar voice, which, in the case of me and Mr. Sedaris, can lead to a long-term relationship between author and reader (albeit remote; we haven’t met), and in this case evoke important details of the context in which we are doing the recording. While my voice has never been smooth or sexy, it now implicitly conveys the realities of six-plus months of chemo and a soupçon of the exhaustion that typically accompanies radiation and other cancer treatments. (This is not intended as a downer. To the contrary – though admittedly the subject of the book is not the happiest ever.)

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“Shop” Tails contents in color. (Photo by Magda Hiller)

I could write reams more but will instead leave you to the the audio book itself.

Editor’s note: “Shop Tails,” the audio book, will be available next week.

Nancy Hiller, author of “Kitchen Think,” “Making Things Work” and “Shop Tails.”

Source: lostartpress.com

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