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Welcome to PART DEUX of our discussion of “Serial”, the insanely popular podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Last week we discussed objectivity in the law, and this week we’re turning our attention to objectivity in journalism. Journalists have been tasked with objective reporting for decades, but is that a realistic goal? Can any journalist be TRUELY objective? Is “Serial” an example of failed objectivism, or is it a reminder of its impossibility? Watch the episode and find out more!!

Meetup details
Saturday Feb. 7th 2015
IBM Building Pavilion
590 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Truth and Objectivity in Journalism: Anatomy of an endless misunderstanding by Juan Ramón Muñoz-Torres

The objectivity norm in American Journalism by Michael Schudson

Scientific objectivity in journalism? How journalists and academics define objectivity, assess its attainability, and rate its desirability by Senja Post

Defining Objectivity within Journalism: An Overview by Charlotte Wien

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