Should You Buy Food Storage Containers?

These containers do help us when it’s time to store our leftovers in the refrigerator, or when we want to organize our produce and other ingredients in the fridge. Apparently, there is no need to buy them, according to celebrity chef and founder of Momofuku Noodle Bar, David Chang. “There’s no reason to buy Tupperware. There’s no reason to buy those Ziploc things,” he says in a video on GQ’s YouTube channel. Instead, he proposes to reuse plastic containers you got from ordering takeout or delivery. “This is just simply, solely, more useful to use as a storage of food,” he further explained. 

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Now: there is still debate about how good plastic takeout containers are. However, experts do agree that you can reuse them up to a certain point. “Most food-safe containers from restaurants can be used as storage for a short period of time, as these plastics are usually meant for food-grade applications,” food scientist Bryan Quoc Le, Ph.D. told Martha Stewart.

You can use takeout boxes up to 25 times before throwing them out, just make sure to clean them between each use. 

Image credit: ArtHouse Studio

Source: neatorama

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