Showing: Alicia McCarthy & Group Show @ V1 Gallery

For her second showcase with V1 which opened recently in Copenhagen, Alicia McCarthy created a fresh body of work featuring her iconic waving patterns and rainbow-like creations. Painted mostly on found and repurposed objects or faded paper sheets, these hypnotic creations are done using a variety of uncommon art techniques. Often leaving an obvious or hidden personal mark or note, the Mission School stalwart makes unorthodox, personal pieces that expresses her raw urge to create as it relates to her experiences.

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McCarthy also used this opportunity to introduce a whole group of younger artists (many of which are her close friends) to the local audience by a curating an intimate group show within her solo exhibition. Included are  works by Francesco Igory Deiana, Kellen Chasuk, Bryon Christman, Musae Sesay, Nathan Harris, Piper Lewine, Pablo De Pinho, Olivia Krause, Jeffrey Cheung, Oliver Hawk Holden, Samara Helperin, Alexis Yonan, Kyla Quinn, ORFN/Aaron Curry, Linton, Paige Valentine, Fran Smith, MSA & Ivy Jean McLellan.

Those in town should also head over for a look at Barry Mcgee’s showing at Eighteen gallery (covered).

Photo credits by @SashaBogojev.
Source: arrestedmotion

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