Sidsel Meineche Hansen at Rodeo

Artist: Sidsel Meineche Hansen

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Venue: Rodeo, London and Piraeus

Exhibition Title: home vs owner

Date: September 16 – December 5, 2020 in Piraeus and October 10 – December 31, 2020 in London

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Images courtesy of Rodeo, London. Photos by Lewis Ronald and Stathis Mamalakis.

Press Release:

It is with great pleasure to announce the first solo exhibition by Sidsel Meineche Hansen in London, following her opening in the gallery’s space in Piraeus on September 16 under the joint title home vs owner.

Meineche Hansen’s practice explores a post-human landscape that unfolds with the extended use and presence of technology in our lives: the boom of pharmaceutics for psychotropic needs; the pornographic transformation of bodies via sexual machinations that employ technological advancement, but also industrial methodologies for the materialisation of pleasure via erotic representations of physical bodies, for example the manufacture and distribution of programmable bodies such as avatars, sex dolls and robots.

Meineche Hansen’s artwork varies in medium and form spanning wood, clay and metals through which crafted objects are made, to CGI animation and video and other reproducible mediums. home vs owner includes a wide spectrum of Meineche Hansen’s deep and diverse practice.

The new piece home vs owner (2020), bridges both exhibitions as basic instruments for its consumption: a cutlery set – fork, knife and spoon – forged by the artist and cast in silver at a foundry in Athens. The tea spoon silver spoon (2020), made in the same way, is available in an open edition and on demand.

Drawing plays a central role in the artist’s practice. It is the basis of the laser cuts drawings on plywood exhibited in Piraeus, and the full series of wood cut prints from 2013 onwards that are brought together in London for the first time. These drawings are typically diagrammatic illustrations of labour systems in place to define the human body and introspective renderings of her fantasy and experience.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Taking the form of a chimney, home vs owner 2 (2020) in London joins a group of functional objects made by the artist: the bronze piggy bank Anti- (2017), exhibited in Piraeus; the toilet sign, key and keychain, Keychain Secure (2019), shown last year at Chisenhale Gallery; and the cutlery set, home vs owner (2020). All these objects refer to economic exclusion and inclusion: a coin slot for charity; customer and public toilet facilities; a silver spoon in the mouth.

In an effort to keep the gallery safe and following guidelines, we are limiting the number of visitors at a time. The gallery is also open by appointment, please contact us to make arrangements.

Sidsel Meineche Hansen (b. 1981, Denmark) currently lives and works in London. Selected solo exhibitions include: Welcome to End-Used City, Chisenhale Gallery, London (2019); An Artists Guide to Stop Being an Artist, SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen (2019); Real Doll Theatre, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2018); End-user, Kunsthal Århus, Århus (2018); OVER, Index Stock-holm, Stockholm (2018); OVER, Ludlow 38, New York City (2017); No Right Way 2 Cum, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2016); SECOND SEX WAR, Gasworks, London (2016); ONE-self, Temporary Gallery, Cologne & Kunstler House Bremen, Bremen (2015); and INSIDER, CUBITT, London (2014). This year
Sidsel Meineche Hansen has been one of the artists awarded the Turner Bursaries.

Link: Sidsel Meineche Hansen at Rodeo

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