Sign of the Times: Harley Davidson Unveils Electric…Scooters and Bicycles

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The press has been abuzz for a while with news of Harley-Davidson’s forthcoming Livewire (above), the company’s first foray into electric motorcycles. But what no one saw coming was the other two concepts they unveiled this week: An as-yet-unnamed electric bike…

…and this electric scooter-looking thingy:


These lightweight electric concepts are designed for an urban future by being generally easy to ride – no clutch, no shifting, lightweight, and with the goal of no motorcycle license required to operate. Both feature removable, single-hand-carry battery packs and a style grounded in H-D design philosophies.

I like the open architecture of the scooter, or at least would be curious enough to try one to see if the negative space actually provides practical storage space. It’s subjective, but there’s nothing I find objectionable about either of these forms; I’m just shocked that they’re coming from Harley-Davidson, who just a few years ago was riding high on the Sons of Anarchy image.

How long until we see Photoshop weisenheimers putting Jax Teller and crew on a set of those?

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