Signature Kitchen Suite’s Gourmet AI™ Camera Is Smart Enough to Answer, “What’s for Dinner?”

Signature Kitchen Suite’s Gourmet AI™ Camera Is Smart Enough to Answer, “What’s for Dinner?”

If you ask one hundred people who profess to love to cook, “Why?” you could easily get back one hundred different answers. For someone like my wife, cooking is an antidote for the stress, fatigue, and distractions that build up during the daily grind. While she’s focused on cutting, chopping, measuring, seasoning, and myriads of other tasks related to preparing a meal, she finds a place of quiet purpose in every tactile task and, in turn, feels both a sense of calm and reinvigoration at once.

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Man reaching out to operate touch controls of the SKS Transitional Double Wall Oven

In my case, cooking is relished for the creative and communal process – less about the destination and more about the journey shared while celebrating good food with friends and family. It’s about the sizzle and sear, the steam and scents that fill the kitchen air, the controlled chaos, and all the vibrant conversations that often arise as anticipation builds. It’s that duality that makes us a good team, happily adopting different roles and responsibilities while entertaining guests, each of us always ready to give the other a helping hand, but also keeping out of each other’s way.

On many levels, that’s exactly what luxury kitchen appliance brand Signature Kitchen Suite’s new Transitional Series Ovens offer through their newly integrated combination of AI and a built-in camera system: a smart, easy, and unobtrusive partner in the kitchen.

SKS Transitional Double Wall Oven with both oven doors open revealing a roast and casserole cooking within.

Embracing AI in the Kitchen

As we look toward the future of home cooking, one thing is clear: artificial intelligence is going to change how we cook. If you want to see it in action, look no further than Signature Kitchen Suite’s new Gourmet AI™ Camera technology that’s integrated into each of their new Transitional Wall Oven collection models.

The most obvious benefit of equipping an oven with a high-definition camera is the ability to check how things are going in real-time during the duration of cooking time. Preparing some dishes is like keeping tabs on a litter of puppies: you don’t want to leave them unattended. So, whether it’s checking for the Maillard reaction while roasting a prime rib, steaming vegetables, cooking a pan of lasagna, baking a pie, or any dish where regular check-ins are recommended, a camera that allows you a peek is not only convenient but efficient.

Young girl in a pink shirt and jeans leaning against a kitchen island looking at her cell phone with the. SKS Transitional Double Wall Oven in the background. A roast is in the oven baking.

SKS Gourmet AI™ Camera was built to optimize cooking processes and suggest recipes using AUTO COOK to take care of the cooking process. Imagine a kitchen where your appliances help you to create perfect dishes every time.

But the Gourmet AI™ Camera is more than solely an observational tool. Here’s where the smart part of the technology really comes into play: Gourmet AI™ can automatically discern different ingredients by sight and then suggest ten different recipes based upon what it sees, illustrating the difference between something that only looks versus something that actively sees.

Those smarts extend beyond the system’s eyes and include its brain. Unlike a cookbook with a set number of recipes printed across its pages, Gourmet AI™ can go back to cooking school and return even smarter than before when connected to Wi-Fi using LG’s ThinQ UP cloud updates. Essentially, Gourmet AI™ is continuously improving its food recognition capabilities while also expanding its recipe repertoire and learning your habits and preferences. It’s like having a virtual sous chef who has your back the entire time so you can focus on what makes cooking rewarding, sans the “Yes chef!”

A table spread of a roast with scalloped potatoes and Brussel sprouts, with wine and flowers decorating the table.

Redefining the Cooking Experience

Think back and try to remember what you cooked in college. Or in your first apartment. Or after you moved into your first home. Now, compare those memories to how and what you’re cooking today. It’s probably safe to assume you no longer sustain yourself on a diet of instant noodles or other prepackaged meals common to youthful palates and budgets. We grow as cooks every time we try new cooking trends, learn a recipe, or adapt to new dietary preferences. The Gourmet AI™ camera liberates home chefs to experiment with new techniques and cuisines, confident that their appliances are there to support them every step of the way.

Transformative Technology Meets Transitional Design

Transitional continues to be one of the hottest trends in home and kitchen design today. The style draws upon elements both traditional and modern, making it equally adaptable for new contemporary homes or for older residences being renovated. It’s a style befitting the Signature Kitchen Suite Transitional Series, understated appliances equipped with the most cutting-edge AI-powered technologies, all in service of the most traditional and vital task: cooking. Each of the Combination Wall Ovens now features a subtly sophisticated satin stainless steel finish and complementary straight handles – the sort of aesthetic and tactile details that make using an appliance a pleasure rather than a chore.

A line up the of the SKS Transitional Wall Oven collection alongside a Red Dot Design Award logo

The Transitional Wall Oven collection was recently recognized with the 2024 Red Dot Best of the Best Design Award.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s ThinQ AI technology represents a significant leap forward in the world of home cooking. By combining intelligent design with advanced functionality, SKS is not just keeping up with the future; it’s leading the way. The Gourmet AI™ camera inside the Transitional Wall Oven Collection is a testament to how far we’ve come in creating kitchens that are smarter, more efficient, and incredibly user-friendly. As we embrace these innovations, the future of home cooking looks as good as a perfectly baked apple pie. 

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