Signs That Your Current Accommodation Is A Trashy Hotel

Constant vigilance! 

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Sometimes, we might be too excited to take in our surroundings and double-check if your accommodation is a good one when we’re on a trip. If we realize it, it may be too late– and we’ll just decide to push through for the sake of not having our time in a new place ruined. 

Forbes’ Liza Zimmerman shares a few signs that you can easily discern at the early stages of your trip that the place you picked to stay in might not be as good as how it was advertised. While it may be a bit late (or you might not have enough extra budget to move to another place), knowing how bad your hotel or accommodation is can allow you to do some adjustments to your trip to make it more comfortable. 

Zimmerman points out that the first hints will come from the check-in process. If the front desk only has one person on the staff and there’s a line of people waiting to check in, that’s a red flag. The longer the process and the line, the same person might be busier and crankier as time progresses. 

Another thing she points out is that if the person on the desk decides to read your room number aloud, this means that your safety and well-being might be compromised (especially if you’re a woman traveling alone). The usual practice is to have the staff show you the key card and tell them that the number on that key card is in their room. 

Check out more of the signs that will tell you that your current hotel or accommodation is trashy here.

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Source: neatorama

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