Silicon Valley Tried To Turn Blood Into Human Eggs

Well, people who live in Silicon Valley are smart people, so this development shouldn’t really be unexpected. Matt Krisiloff, owner of  Conception wanted to help biology labs in deciphering the recipe needed to copy how an embryo develops in order to copy it and transmute any cell into an egg.“I was interested in the idea of ‘When can same-sex couples have children together?’” Krisiloff told Technology Review. “I thought that this was the promising technology for doing this.”

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Conception is the largest commercial establishment that specializes in vitro gametogenesis, which refers to turning adult cells into gametes—sperm or egg cells. The company is trying to make replacement eggs for women. Learn more about Krisiloff and his company’s pursuits here. 

Image credit: NICOLáS ORTEGA

Source: neatorama

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