Silicone Tips for AirPod Pros, Custom-Fitted to Your Ear Canals

I loved using my AirPod Pros–until the first time they fell out. While I was mucking out a chicken coop.

They just don’t fit my ears well, no matter which earcup size I use. If you’re in the same boat, a company called ADV.Sound has developed a way to manufacture earbud tips custom-fitted to your ears. They’re called Eartune Fidelity, and getting a pair is a two-step process:

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First they ship you their Self Precision Ear-Impression Kit, “a system that allows you to create an accurate, physical ear impression safely at home without needing to visit an audiologist.”

Then you ship the molds back to them. They 3D scan them, 3D print molds from the file, and cast the custom tips in silicone.

The company says the tips won’t interfere with the AirPod Pro’s sensors, and won’t fall out, ever.

I’m guessing, however, they won’t jive with the AirPod case. That’s the dealbreaker for me. But if the company develops a charging case that isn’t too bulky, I’m all…ears.

In any case, these are up on Kickstarter and have already been successfully funded. Here’s the pitch:

Buy-in starts at $160. At press time there was 32 days left to pledge, and they say they’ll ship by December of this year.

Source: core77

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