Simple and Functional Kitchen Must-Haves From Caveman Factory

Founded by Canadian product designer and interior architect Ryann Aoukar, Caveman Factory creates modern kitchenware that’s simple, beautiful, and functional. The innovative products aim to make your life easier and much less cluttered by performing multiple duties. Plus, they look good enough to leave out on the counter!

Simple and Functional Kitchen Must-Haves From Caveman Factory

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Back in 2014, Caveman Factory ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the Anton Strainer Bowl to life. From washing your produce to draining your pasta to serving your meal, the strainer bowl was designed to solve several kitchen issues with one multifunctional design, all while saving water. Rinse and soak your produce on the counter to avoid bacteria in the sink and in the process reduce water usage by 60%. Sit it on the edge of the sink while draining hot pasta to avoid burning your hand. When you’re done with prep, serve the pasta from it while holding onto the funnel as a handle, or sit back and eat it all yourself right out of the bowl. After it’s all said in done, you can leave the sculptural item out on the counter or store it away until next time.

Simple yet clever, the Lift Walnut Cutting + Serving Board is a beautiful, multipurpose design that lets you cut and prep your cheese and snacks right from the same place. The walnut cutting board features a curved lip making it easy to pick up with one hand. A white polypropylene ring cozies around the walnut board thereby extending the serving space even further.

The Life Cutting + Serving Set is similar to the previous design, except this one is made entirely of plastic and it includes three pieces to use a million ways. The center round cutting board provides ample space to cut your veggies or cheeses while having the handy curved lip for easy, one-handed pickup. Place the board inside the ring for an extended cutting board and serving tray. The third piece is a larger cutting board that rests on top of the ring where it can collect juice as a mess-free reservoir.

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