Simple Design for a 3-Way Phone Stand Gains Crowdfunding Success

Here’s a great example of a relatively simple-to-manufacture object, with good design thought put into it, reaching crowdfunding success. 55 66 88, by Brooklyn-based design firm CW&T, is a three-position phone stand cut from an aluminum extrusion. It has a black anodized finish.

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CW&T explains the name:

All 3 angles are useful for a variety of everyday uses for your phone’s camera :

55° : aim down to photograph or record video of stuff on a surface.

66° : 1-on-1 chats or to take photos of taller things on a surface.

88° : group video chats or POV documentation. We use this one a lot at the dinner table. (This one’s surprisingly useful!)

The flanges at the bottom, which hold your phone in place, are grooved to avoid muffling your phone’s microphone/speaker.

CW&T were seeking $8,000 in funding, but landed over $52K at press time, with about a day left to pledge. The object runs $33.

Source: core77

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