Simple Life Hack For Cleaning Your Shower Head

Shower head not working as great as it was before? Here are some budget-friendly solutions that don’t require hiring a plumber or buying hardware equipment. What you’ll need: 

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A zip-close storage bag, rubber band, water and either CLR [calcium, lime and rust-removing] cleaning solution or plain white vinegar — plus one hour…

You might experience this problem because of natural wear and tear. 

The problem stems from hard water, which has high levels of dissolved solids — primarily calcium and magnesium — according to the Water Quality Association. Over time, these chemicals bond with the metal and plastic in your shower head, causing a buildup that appears as crusty bits around the water spouts.

As this plumbing plaque accrues over time, the holes start to close up and water has to work harder to shoot out. If ignored, eventually it can stop up your spout completely. Shower filters are one way of preventing the problem…

Alternatively, this quick hack can save you both time and money. You can read the full post over at cnet.

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