Simply-Designed Desktop Organizer Becomes Kickstarter Smash

Anytime a designer is looking to get something crowdfunded for 18 grand and winds up with a nearly quarter mil, they have our attention. And we like sharing these things here to inspire you design entrepreneurs with success stories.

As we’ve seen, product designer Jeff Sheldon is “kind of obsessed with my workspace.” To that end he’s been working on the design of a simple, modular desktop organizer that will help him beat clutter. Now, after three long years, he’s got it perfected. Here’s his Gather system:

This is one of those things that an unenterprising designer might look at and say “Ah, I coulda designed that.” Yes, but you didn’t. Sheldon did and is now 1,311% funded, with $235,989 in pledges at press time on an $18,000 goal. And there’s still 44 days left to pledge.

So, just a reminder to the would-be design entrepreneurs: Examine your own situation for something that you need, and design it. Maybe thousands of other people need it too!

Source: core77

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