Sixay Furniture's Beautiful, Dense Multi-Drawer Storage Units

European company Sixay Furniture manufactures this beautiful SIXtematic series of drawer chests, which feature tons of flat, A4-sized drawers.

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While the Kommode line above features straight legs, the SIXtematic2 line gets a little more playful with the base and tweaks the frame as well. “We have optically slimmed down the frame with uniform, narrow wood thicknesses all around. We think that the frame-free leg construction is also good and enhances this effect. The cheekily exhibited feet signal departure and movement.”

The Lowboard variants ditch the legs altogether and go wall-mounted.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Hanging one of these looks like a real bear, but the company writes that it’s made easier using their “three dimensional adjustable steel fittings:”

Here’s a demonstration of how those fittings work, if you’re curious…and want to hear European club music.

I realize that these drawer units might be terrible from a usability perspective; even with the differently-colored fronts, I have no faith I’d remember what was in each drawer. I’d want to slap labels on each, which would probably ruin the aesthetic. What would your design solution be?

Source: core77

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