Skargaarden Introduces Two Outdoor Collections Inspired by Swedish Summer Destinations

Skargaarden Introduces Two Outdoor Collections Inspired by Swedish Summer Destinations

Inspired by two different idyllic locations in Sweden, Skargaarden presents two new teak wood outdoor furniture collections: Laknäs and Saltholm. Both offer the best of both worlds because they were designed with relaxation and celebration simultaneously in mind. Like all of Skargaarden’s furniture, these pieces are a tribute to the Scandinavian summer, and an invitation to take advantage of that short but beautiful time.

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outdoor wooden dining table and six chairs next to a pool land a modern home

Laknäs Collection

With a simple, straightforward design by Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt, the Laknäs collection was created for lingering lunches best enjoyed in the sunshine and late night meals that last long into the night underneath the stars. The Swedish province of Dalarna is commonly viewed as the epicenter of Scandinavian Midsummer celebrations, and there along Lake Siljan’s eastern shore lies the small village of Laknäs.

wooden outdoor bench with a grey throw blanket and pillow sitting on it

Laknäs Bench

The collection includes versatile pieces that can be used in a variety of setups: a dining table, an extendable table, a dining chair, and a bench. The furniture is exceedingly inviting, and the pieces aesthetically look as good alone as they do grouped together.

detail of a wooden outdoor table corner

Laknäs Dining Table

The clean, timelessly designed teak outdoor furniture can find a home anywhere – from a rooftop terrace to lakeside to your own backyard. Founder and CEO of Skargaarden, Jari Visuri, believes it looks just as good indoors as outdoors – so why not consider bringing Laknäs into your interior living space? The same can be said of Saltholm.

three outdoor wooden dining chairs showing back, side, and front angles

Laknäs Dining Chair

wooden cushioned outdoor sofa, two lounge chairs, and a coffee table sit on a patio overlooking water

Saltholm Collection

While Laknäs found its design inspiration in Dalarna, the Saltholm collection looks to a tiny island that’s barely 16 square kilometers of land and sparsely populated. Saltholm sits in the sea between Copenhagen and Malmö, with only a few year-round residents who call it home. When Studio Norrlandet designed the series of outdoor furniture, the idea was to capture the feeling of being close yet far away. Far away from the daily demands of every day, yet close enough to be a part of it all.

styled round wooden outdoor coffee table with wooden cushioned outdoor armchair

Saltholm Lounge Table

Visuri admits that the brand didn’t entirely succeed at capturing the spartan feel of the island – Saltholm’s furniture pieces are rather generous in size and comfort. The collection includes a sofa, a lounge chair, an ottoman, and a lounge table featuring straight lines that will never go out of style. Created to live in your yard, it too would not look out of place in a living room with its soft cushions.

detail of outdoor wooden cushioned armchair

Saltholm Lounge Chair

All of Skargaarden’s furniture is made to withstand climate conditions and whatever nature sends their way, even in harsh coastal regions. The majority of the brand’s pieces – including the Laknäs and Saltholm collections – are made of teak. It’s one of the most resilient woods that’s also resistant to weather, thanks to strong elastic fibers and natural teak oil. Another major plus of teak is that it’s nearly maintenance-free. The furniture develops a beautiful grey patina over time or can be oiled to maintain its original classic reddish-brown tone.

Both the Laknäs and Salthom collections are timeless in design and built to last. Learn more about both series of outdoor furniture and Skargaarden’s other offerings at

book cover with a photo of two wooden outdoor day loungers by a pool on a white background

Skargaarden is also excited to announce the release of their first book since the brand was founded in 2008. Inside you’ll find some of its most memorable photoshoot environments with their outdoor furniture on full display. Sharing 208 pages of images and short stories that introduce you to Skargaarden’s collections, products, and designers, it’s the perfect coffee table book for lovers of Scandinavian outdoor design! Purchase a copy here or download the PDF for free.

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