Skirts for men with nothing to prove

Now a days, in Western culture, skirts have been exclusive for girls, but times change and so does fashion. Utilikilt* is a company that thinks pants are a bad design, they’re too restrictive. Skirts on the other hand, offer freedom, they are comfortable, and perfect to wear with hot weather.

This company seeks to set a global example with the “Men’s Unbifurcated Garments”. They’re suitable for any social situation or activity, hiking, semi dressy dinner, Goth club, Burning Man, the beach, or weddings. Try that with another piece of clothing.

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I’m a girl and I would wear this. Why? Because they have real pockets, where you can actually put stuff. I can’t do that with any of my pants.

Check their website to see all their models, colors an sizes available. Here you have just a few pics of their happy customers rocking their Utilikilts.



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