Skyrider 2.0, the Airline Saddle

Airlines are always looking for ways to make a few cents more, but the most lucrative way to do that is to squeeze more passengers into each plane. We’re at the point now where average-size people are uncomfortable in economy class, even for short flights. How much smaller can airplane seats get? Okay, since you asked… let me introduce you to the Skyrider 2.0. It braces passengers and gives them something to lean against while they stand through the flight. I am not kidding.

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Engineered by Italian aerospace interior design company Aviointeriors and introduced at Hamburg’s Airplane Interiors Expo in earl April, the seat positions a willing passenger almost completely upright on a polyester saddle and back support. It seems well thought out, it’s reportedly very functional, and it even looks good.  But I’ll still never sit on one.

Airlines can stack these only 23 inches apart, which means in the future, we may have to board with a lot more fellow travelers. Read more about this abomination at FastCo Design.  -via Digg

(Image credit: Avio Interiors)

Source: neatorama

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