Slow-Mo Fun with a 6-Foot Water Balloon

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, the Slow Mo Guys, know how to have some summer fun. They’ve played with water balloons before, but this year they’re going all out, with a 6-foot balloon, rigged up with a high-speed camera and lights inside! The idea was that Dan (it’s always Dan) would slide across a wet tarp head first right into it, bursting the balloon, and they would have some cool slow motion footage. Dan even rigged up a device to make sure the balloon actually burst instead of just acting like a brick wall he was slamming his head into. If you just want to see the ultimate balloon burst, skip ahead to the nine-minute mark, but the rest of it is pretty amusing, too. They titled the video “Giant Balloon June,” which hints that they have more of these balloons, and have plans to use them in later videos this month. -via Digg

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Source: neatorama

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