Small but Welcome Design Improvements to the Porta-Potty

Porta-potties are typically miserable experiences, being dark, dirty and smelly. German mobile sanitary unit manufacturer Toi Toi & Dixi seeks to rectify this with the design of their Toi Water Up unit.

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For one thing, the units are well-lit. Though the freestanding units are connection-free, they feature sensor-triggered LED lighting, powered by a solar panel on the roof. The panel also powers a built-in ventilation fan, which ventilates both the cabin and the sewage tank, reducing odor.

In addition to the toilet, the units have a urinal.

The sinks are extra-large, at least for a porta-potty; one of the design requirements was that construction workers would be able to wash their entire forearms in the sink.

The tap is foot-pedal operated, for sanitation’s sake.

Both a soap dispenser and a disinfectant dispenser are provided.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

There’s also a small prison-style stainless steel mirror.

The design of the toilet paper dispenser is unusual. I suppose they did it this way as an anti-theft measure, but I do wonder if a bad tear might leave the rest of the roll inaccessible.

Lastly, the outside of the door features not just the “occupied” indicator, but a little gender sign that can be toggled back and forth. (For now at least, the sign features just two genders.)

Source: core77

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