Smart Design for Garage Lighting: One Light Bulb Socket, Five Distributed Lights, No Wiring Needed

This Multi-Point Illumination system is designed for rooms with just a single overhead light socket, like a garage.

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It consists of a central hub that screws into the socket, and four satellites that can be mounted up to nine feet away from the hub.

The satellites are hard-wired to the hub, so there’s no wiring necessary; and because all of the fixtures are circular, you simply rotate them to wind up any excess cable.

While you might not want to see the exposed wires in an interior room, I think it’s acceptable in a garage, and you can’t beat the convenience of installation. The result is five LED fixtures putting out 7,500 lumens, and you didn’t have to call an electrician.

The MPI system runs $200. Demonstration below:

Source: core77

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