Smartphone and Tech Object Mods for the 1%

Fine jewelry are supposed to be heirloom objects, passed down from generation to generation.

In contrast, tech objects like smartphones, smart watches and laptops are things that begin going obsolete almost immediately, and become unusable in a matter of years, as operating systems move on and the objects don’t. They’re destined to have short lives.

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In other words, combining these two product categories doesn’t make much sense. But UK-based Goldstriker International begs to differ. The fabrication firm utilizes fine jewelry artisanship to provide “exclusivity for the fashionistas” who want unique and expensive versions of their tech objects, things that we humble 99%-ers could never afford. Thus Goldstrikers produces things like:

“24ct gold MacBook Pro”

“Luxury Gold & Wood iPhone XS”

“24ct gold and marble iPhone XS”

“Sapphire button on iPhone XS”

“24ct Gold and crocodile leather iPhone”

“24ct Gold iPhone X hand engraving with diamonds set in the skull”

“24ct gold and crocodile leather Apple Watch Series 4”

“Platinum Apple Watch with black diamonds set in the skull”

“Diamond iPhone XS”

“24ct Gold Apple Watch 3”

“Luxury iPhone X with 24ct gold , Diamonds , Rubies , Ostrich or Crocodile skin”

As far as how much this stuff costs: Prices aren’t listed, but these are the folks who made a £10 million (USD $13.3 mil) iPhone 5, “officially the world’s most expensive handset,” they boast.

Source: core77

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