Smash My Trash's Mobile Garbage Compacting "Smash Truck"

It’s really sad that this exists, but this is the world we live in.

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A Texas-based company called Smash My Trash has rigged up a crane arm with a spinning barrel of death to flatten the contents of dumpsters.

Since carting companies charge by garbage volume–that is, dumpster size–Smash My Trash manages to provide a savings for clients by turning, say, what would have been three dumpster loads into one. “Smash My Trash® Safely Reduces Roll-off Dumpster Waste Volume By Up To 70%,” the company says.

One can only hope that this stuff below is getting recycled.

And it is a bummer to see things that could theoretically be reused by someone, like crates, getting smashed into worthless bits.

It’s also a bummer when you see salvageable materials getting smashed together with non-recyclable stuff, and you just know all of this stuff is not going to be separated and will be sent to the landfill.

You can’t fault Smash My Trash, of course; they don’t generate the garbage, they just compact it. And you could argue that by reducing the amount of dumpster trips required, their services reduce overall local emissions. But seeing all of these materials being destroyed is making me go “What the hell are we doing?”

Source: core77

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