S'More Monsters for Your Halloween Party

Look at these monster s’mores! Sure they are cute, and you can tell just by looking that they are extremely sweet, too. They’re made with cut-up marshmallows, heated up in the oven. The pupils are chocolate chips.

You might have thought that s’mores were a campfire treat, since the marshmallows must be properly toasted. My youngest kid started toasting them over the gas stove with a wire coat hanger as soon as we put out the bonfire when she got her first taste of them. In the case of these monster s’mores, they are toasted in a broiler oven to make sure they don’t wander off their chocolate bed.

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Click to the right on the above image to get the full instructions for these Halloween treats by Jodi Levine for the New York Times. The messiest part would be cutting the marshmallows with kitchen shears, but compared to the mess of eating s’mores made around a campfire, that’s nothing.  -via Everlasting Blort

Source: neatorama

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