Snorkeler Spots A Wedding Ring On A Fish

That’s a nice accessory you got there, little fish! Susan Prior noticed a sand mullet with a gold wedding band lodged on its neck. Prior was snorkeling in Emily Bay when she spotted the unlikely sight. While fishes wearing plastic collars from juice and milk bottles are commonly seen, the ring was a gut-wrenching sight for her, as she explains on her blog: 

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“Yesterday, I saw another mullet with a ring collar, but this one looked a shiny metallic gold, with a lot less algal growth compared to the plastic ones,” she explained on her blog.

Prior noted that the ring likely got caught on the fish while it was searching for food on the ocean floor.

“Sometimes these rings escape into the wild, and this is the sad consequence,” she explained. “Mullet snuffle through the sand looking for food making it so easy for a ring or hair tie to flip over their noses and get stuck.”

After snapping photos of the fish, Prior returned to land, where she remembered that someone had posted on a community social media page earlier this year about a man’s wedding ring that had gone missing in the bay.

Image via Yahoo News 

Source: neatorama

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