Snow-Melting, Daisy-Chain-able Outdoor Mats by HeatTrek

A company called HeatTrak makes snow- and ice-melting rubber mats that plug into the wall. They come in a variety of sizes and can be daisy-chained together with the company’s waterproof cables.

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While the most obvious boon is that they save you from shoveling, they were initially designed as a safety device rather than a labor-saving one. The mats can melt 2″ of snow per hour, the company claims, and lets you trade slippery ice or slushy snow for a grippy rubber texture to prevent falls.

The company says the mats are “as durable as automobile tires” and will last five years or more.

As a bonus for dog owners, pooches enjoy warming their butts on them.

Prices vary according to the size and shape of the mat, but to give you an idea, a single 10″ x 30″ stair tread mat runs $80, while a 2′ x 10′ driveway mat is $900.

Source: core77

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