So, Teenage Engineering has Designed…a Beer

I’m already envious of Teenage Engineering because, at least from where I’m stitting, it looks like they can design what they want to design and charge what they want to charge. Now I’ve learned that the company has designed their own freaking beer. And not just any beer; they’ve opted for an “Okinawa-type clear lager,” which doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you choose because your options are limited.

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Stigberget’s TE Okinawa stock, as the beer is called, bears TE’s nut-and-bolt logo on the can.

“We recently made our first beer,” they write, “and while we are used to doing a lot of experiments in our workshop, we don’t quite have the room for a full-scale brewery operation. After consulting our resident developer/brewmaster Jacob, we decided to approach Gothenburg based brewery Stigberget to help us get the job done.”

“Our Okinawa style lager is a light-tasting beer with hints of tropical grain, a nod to the rice-brewed beers of the region.”

It’s available to order, at least in Sweden, starting today.

Source: core77

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