So What’s Going To Happen To This Year’s Comic-Con

Well, for starters, Comic-Con is free this year. That’s already a big sigh of relief for those who wanted to attend or view the panels and other events at the famed convention, however, with the pandemic, the convention is also going digital. So expect a lot of bookshelves and figurines in the background, and a lot of Zoom conferences, as Cracked details: 

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Instead Of Panels, They’ll Have A Bunch Of Zoom Calls (And That’s An Improvement)

Although it may not feel that way when you’re swimming through a dense sea of people dressed as Deadpool and Harley Quinn, not every single comic book fan in the world gets to attend Comic-Con every year. In fact, only a small minority do. For the rest of us, the way to keep up with all those panels and announcements from home has always been to hit F5 on a text feed hurriedly written by someone at the con and then trawl YouTube for shaky phone videos before they get deleted.

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