SOLD: Cherry Stick Chair

The chair above has sold. Thank you for your interest!

The chair shown here is one of the projects for the forthcoming “The Stick Chair Book.” The editorial purpose of this chair is to demonstrate how to transform a design by using vintage details. Unlike most of my chairs, which are about chamfers and sharp lines, this chair gives off an “old school” vibe.

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That means this chair has a lot of soft curves and texture, instead of glassy surfaces. Other details:

  1. All the sticks are shaved with planes and have faceted surfaces.
  2. The undercarriage is low to the ground and the stretchers are shaved and faceted.
  3. The legs start out as octagons at the floor and gradually transform into round as they enter the seat.
  4. The underside of the seat is rounded.
  5. The arm features old “hands” – round shapes that are off-center on the arms. 
  6. The comb is an old shape. It is triangular in cross section and features curved ends. All of the sticks are pegged into the comb.
  7. The “doubler” (the top laminate on the arm) is heavy and rounded over for comfort.
  8. All curved surfaces have been shaped with rasps and scrapers. There are subtle scratches on all curved surfaces.

The chair is made entirely of Ohio black cherry. All joints are assembled with hide glue so the chair can be repaired if things ever become loose long into the future. The finish is an organic boiled linseed oil and beeswax finish, which is non-toxic and easily repaired.

The seat is currently at 18” high, which is the modern standard seat height. I can remove as much as 3” from the legs if you like. Overall the chair is 43” high.

The chair is set up for relaxing. The back pitches back at 20°, which makes it ideal for reading, talking or enjoying a drink by the fire. Yes, you could use it for dining or keyboarding (I have a couple customers who like being able to sit back after a meal). But that’s not its primary purpose.

This chair is available for sale. The price is $1,300, which includes the crate, plus actual freight charges anywhere in the continental U.S. I’ll be happy to deliver it within 100 miles of Cincinnati for no extra charge.

If you’d like to purchase the chair, send an email to Megan Fitzpatrick ([email protected]) with the subject line: cherry stick chair. We’re happy to answer any and all questions, but the first person to say “I’ll take it,” gets it.

— Christopher Schwarz


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