Sold Out: ‘Japanese Woodworking Tools’ Special Edition

Note: We have sold out of our allocation of this title.

Hardbound special edition with a slipcase. Signed, stamped and numbered by the author. Only 500 copies available. With upgraded paper, binding, cloth cover and endsheets.

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One of the most important woodworking books published in the 20th century, “Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit & Use” introduced Japanese woodworking tools and methods to the English-speaking woodworking world.

The book remains, in our opinion, the best treatise on Japanese tools for any woodworker seeking to explore this great woodworking tradition. First printed in 1984, “Japanese Woodworking Tools” electrified the English-speaking woodworking world and helped introduce Japanese chisels, sharpening stones, saws and planes to the West.

Every book comes stamped and signed by Mr. Odate.

Now the publisher, Linden Publishing, has created a special edition of this worthy book. Printed in the United States using high-quality paper and a sewn binding, this new edition comes in a beautifully printed slipcase. The book features nice endsheets, each signed, stamped and numbered by Odate.

The publisher has printed 500 copies of this special edition. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever. Lost Art Press has been allocated 100 copies of this book to sell. (The book will not be available through Amazon or other mass-market retailers.)

We are pleased to carry this book, as it has been one of our favorites for decades.

If you have ever wanted a durable and permanent copy of this standard woodworking book, or know someone whose life has been changed by Odate’s work, we think you will be quite pleased with this special edition.


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