Some Light-Up Cacti to Make Your Winter a Little More Tolerable

The other day it was 6 degrees here in NYC, and today it’s 59 degrees. These fluctuating temperatures combined with the crippling darkness of winter are starting to mess with my mood, so I’ve been doing a bit of lighting research to see if adding a little more cheer to my apartment might help. 

I’m also a notoriously bad plant parent, killing anything and everything in my path (I thought aloe plants were supposed to be indestructible?), so I quickly realized that these cacti lights I stumbled across while on a trip to Tel Aviv last year would be a very fitting solution. I mean, you certainly can’t kill what’s already dead.

So, here I am spreading this knowledge in case any of you cold people out there need some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a cactus lamp. Or if my fellow plant serial killers need something a little less high maintenance. 

The lamps are designed by Tel Aviv-based brand Popup Lighting, which was created by designer Chen Bikovski. Each cacti lamp comes with 3 different cacti-shaped inserts. You can even get fancy and opt for an aluminum version.

I visited Tel-Aviv in partnership with Vibe Israel, a non-profit organization that led us on a tour called Vibe Design 2018.

Source: core77

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