Some of the Tastiest, Award-Winning Food Photos of Year

Some of the Tastiest, Award-Winning Food Photos of Year

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year award, the leading annual celebration of the art of food photography and film, once again captivated audiences with its 2023 edition. This prestigious competition welcomes professional and non-professional photographers of all ages, providing a platform for them to showcase their talents and share their unique perspectives on food. The winners were recently announced during a ceremony held at BAFTA London on May 16th, introduced by renowned chef Nadiya Hussain.

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man standing on dilapidated street holding pink cotton candy

The Candy Man © Jon Enoch, United Kingdom \ 1st Place Street Food

The 2023 Overall Winner went to UK-based Jon Enoch for his mesmerizing photograph, The Candy Man. The image of Pappu Jaiswal, a cotton candy seller from the bustling streets of western Mumbai, was part of a compelling series highlighting the city’s street food vendors and their distinctive methods of attracting customers.

As someone who built a successful food business by displaying and serving food in “over-the-top” ways, it’s no surprise why I, too, am drawn to the vertical screen of toxically colored cotton candy depicted in this magnificent picture.

Enoch explains that: “Ever since I first saw the candy floss sellers I was drawn to the shapes, colors, and juxtaposition of the candy and the urban environment.”

man and woman surrounded by baskets of orange persimmons while hanging some

Hanging Up Persimmons © Zhonghua Yang, China \ 1st Place Pink Lady© Moments of Joy

Now in its second decade, the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year awards absolutely set the standard for most innovative work in food photography. The competition showcases the profound influence of food across the world, documenting major global events such as war, famine, the end of lockdowns, and the revitalization of the hospitality industry. Through the awards, we witness how food transcends boundaries and plays a significant role in every aspect of our lives.

down view of old beat up green car with people serving food off hood

Bonnet Delights © Hein van Tonder, United Arab Emirates \ 1st Places On the Phone

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year award prides itself on having an esteemed panel of judges who carefully assess each entry. This year, the judging panel included Fiona Shields, the head of photography at the Guardian, and Rein Skullerud, representing the United Nations World Food Program. Their expertise and discerning eyes ensured that the winning entries truly represented excellence in food photography.

down view of man selling various kinds of fish at market

Selling Fish © Md Mahabub Hossain Khan, Bangladesh \ 1st Place Unearthed® Food For Sale

With its 2023 edition, the competition once again highlighted the remarkable artistry and the universal impact of food in our lives. Among the impressive array of submissions, several remarkable entries stood out. These exceptional works, chosen as finalists, will be exhibited at The Royal Photographic Society in Bristol. For those unable to attend the exhibition in person, an online gallery featuring all the captivating images from this year’s competition is available for viewing.

elevated view of concrete ruins of city in Syria with people around table eating

Ramadan Meals Among the Ruins in Idlib, Syria © Mouneb Taim, Netherlands \ 1st Place Politics of Food

down view looking into tank holding wine

The Eye © Adrian Chitty, United States \ 1st Places Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year – Produce

Source: design-milk

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