Somehoodlum on Animating Lil Uzi Vert's Cartoon Music Video

It all started from an Instagram post. Somehoodlum took Lil Uzi Vert literally, fixing Vert’s head on the muzzle of a literal uzi. “That’s literally what my dreams is,” the artist known as Somehoodlum told Creators in March. “Arianna Grande as a Starbucks cup,” another one of his posts, “honestly started a wordplay for me.” 

“I want every post to be a good experience every time you see Somehoodlum on your timeline,” the product design school dropout told us. “I post something, [referring to his subjects] they like it and then hit me up – let’s do something more,” he says of the experience, which, this time around, resulted in the pastel-colored Victorian tragedy that is his video for Lil Uzi Vert’s “You Was Right”:

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Don’t like it? Don’t matter (although Young Metro may not trust you…). Says Somehoodlum, “Every week I design a post. If you forget about it in one week, it’s fine. I am already working on something new.”

“The culture is moving forward, you know?” he adds. See more of Somehoodlum’s work below:

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