Someone Asks Ricky Gervais For His Opinion On The Oscars, The Comedian Doesn’t Hold Back And Roasts Celebs Once Again

Just a month ago, Hollywood was shaken by the savage monologue delivered by none other than English comedian Ricky Gervais, who hosted the Golden Globes award show for the fifth and final time. The man let hell break loose as he brought up numerous issues that plague the celebrity world, from racism to sex scandals, finishing the speech with a bang as he let all ‘woke’ celebrities have it, calling them fake. So it’s unsurprising that once the most prestigious award show approached, some people got curious about what jokes Gervais would have to offer on such an occasion.

One Twitter user shot Gervais a message asking what the comedian’s first best joke would be if he hosted the Oscars and, oh boy, did the man deliver. Gervais was quick to tweet back and offer a short series of jokes, all poking fun at the award show as well as the celebrities attending.

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We still remember the ruthless monologue Ricky Gervais delivered just a month ago at the Golden Globes

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Curious what he’d offer for the Oscars, someone on Twitter messaged Gervais

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Gervais first called out the celebrities for having underpaid workers, saying that the award show “is the only time your badly paid migrant house staff will get some time off to sleep this week”.

The comedian also brought up how depressing the show is, cracking a joke while promoting his Netflix series at the same time. Now that’s a talent!

And the man was quick to respond with a witty roast directed, once more, at the celebrities

Image credits: rickygervais

Image credits: rickygervais

As Gervais posted the tweets, his 14.2M followers responded with applause, praising him for “keeping it real”. The three tweets accumulated an impressive 191k likes as well as 33k retweets. The messages also had people sharing their opinions underneath, where most said that they’d love to have Gervais hosting the Oscars or at least live-streaming the show with his commentary.

He also managed to take a jab at the Oscars while promoting his show—now that’s two birds down with one stone

Image credits: rickygervais

Image credits: rickygervais

This is how people on Twitter responded to Gervais’ joke

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