Someone Tweets A Metal Spoon Technique To Inform Authorities About Being Abused, It Goes Viral

Every year, thousands of people fall into the hands of human traffickers, both in their own countries and abroad. One of the motives for committing such a horrendous crime is forcing a victim into marriage. In 2016, there were an estimated 15.4 million people in forced marriages, 88% of whom were women and girls. Although it’s hard to calculate the exact number since so many cases are underreported, the problem may be even bigger.

But the UK-based charity “Karma Nirvana,” which supports victims of abuse and forced marriage, has come up with a way to alert the authorities that you’re in danger. It’s called the “metal spoon technique,” and it refers to hiding a metal spoon in your underwear to trigger airport metal detectors. As a result, the victim is taken away for a search, enabling them to raise the alarm in a safe and private manner.

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Hiding a metal spoon in underwear will trigger airport detectors and will show the authorities that the victim is in danger

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“We’ve had people ring and say that it’s helped them and got them out of a dangerous situation. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do with your family around you—but they won’t be aware you have done it,” said Natasha Rattu, the charity’s spokesperson. The spoon alarm method recently went viral on the internet after someone posted it in a Twitter thread on what to do if you’re being taken abroad against your will.

The metal spoon technique came to the spotlight on social media after one person shared it in a Twitter thread

Other people joined the thread

It turns out, the metal spoon technique has been used in numerous cases in the past and as much as it has offered much-needed advice for people, Karma Nirvana hopes that it will raise awareness of forced marriage and “honor”-based abuse among young people.

The idea came from this UK charity that supports victims of abuse and forced marriage

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The first time the metal spoon technique was used was when an 18-year-old victim “found herself leaving the country to be forced into a marriage, once she arrived in Pakistan.” The victim called Karma Nirvana’s helpline after finding the number on the internet. The call handler told her to hide a spoon in her underwear to set off metal detectors at airports.

According to Karma Nirvana’s website, “As a result, this young lady was saved from leaving the country, as airport staff were alerted to the spoon and escorted her into a private room.”

While in a search room, the victim informed staff about what was about to happen. “With the support of Airport Police she was safely escorted from the airport vicinity and supported by ourselves with other frontline providers.”

And this is what people had to comment

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Whether you are at risk or are concerned for someone in the United Kingdom that is, contact the British charity Karma Nirvana’s helpline for confidential support to both victims and professionals at 0800 5999 247.


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