Sometimes I'm Alone; Sometimes I'm Not

What could be more heartbreaking than a cat left alone while his human is at work? An obviously lonely and talented cat named George Rufus sang a deep and profound song about his misery, and touched the heart of South African musician David Scott, known as The Kiffness (previously at Neatorama). Or at least it’s deep and profound for a cat. Never mind that we should be alarmed at a cat singing in English. It’s an audio form of pareidolia, and we cat owners hear it all the time.

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Consumed with empathy over the cat’s predicament and moved by his performance, The Kiffness added a musical accompaniment and a few more lyrics to bring George’s plaintive blues to life. By the time this song is over, you’ll be shedding a tear for a poor lonely cat. Go give your kitty a hug and maybe you’ll feel better. -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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