Sortmate Modular Sorting Bins, for Those Who Still Bother Recycling

My wife and I recycle religiously, even though it doesn’t work. I’m not sure why we bother. In any case, our local situation requires dropping various items off at three separate facilities, with the recyclables separated into seven categories: Glass, hard plastic, plastic films, non-aluminum metals, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. We don’t have enough bins in the house, so I wind up consolidating items and doing the final separating before we load the car.

A better solution has been created by Design Studio Manade. The Paris-based consultancy designed this Tribu system of connectable and interchangeable bins, with the option to color-code the lids as needed.

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I like that they come in different sizes (plastic films take up way less space than say, glass vessels). The white bins and colored lids can be had in polypropylene or ABS, and the black units are made from recycled and recyclable polypropylene. If, you know, you still feel like that makes a difference.

The bins are manufactured and sold by Magnuson Group, who has rebranded them Sortmate.

Source: core77

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