Sources for Stick Chair Makers

When I started making chairs, I wanted someone to hand me a list of tools and say: “Here. Buy these, and you’ll be on your way.”

The longer I made chairs, the more I understood why a list like that isn’t a good idea. There are too many tools out there and too many variables in how people like to work.

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For example: I’m not a big drawknife guy. Ask me to recommend a drawknife, and I’ll give you a bewildered look. Ask Peter Galbert or Curtis Buchanan about drawknives, however, and you will get a master’s thesis on the tool.

Another problem is that suppliers are constantly changing. If I told you to buy a Harris Tools travisher, you’d spend months trying to hunt one up and spend some stupid money. Toolmakers come and go. Plus, they go through management changes – both good and bad.

The easy way out of this problem is to say: “Sorry, I can’t help. Do your own homework on tools.” But as someone who bought a lot of crappy chairmaking tools back in the day, I can’t do that to another person.

The following list is, I hope, a helpful medium. It’s a list of the suppliers I use and trust – plus the tools and supplies that I buy from them. These are the tools and supplies that I think are important to my success. If a type of tool isn’t listed – say, a scratch awl – that’s because I don’t think it really matters what kind of scratch awl you buy.

And because the marketplace is constantly changing, I didn’t want to print this list in “The Stick Chair Book.” Instead, I’ll issue a new list if new suppliers emerge or go out of business. This one is current as of June 2021.

Cold-bend Hardwood
Pure Timber LLC

Liquid Hide Glue
Old Brown Glue

Bulk Apothecary

Soap Flakes
Pure Soap Flakes

Limonene (Citrus Solvent)
Real Milk Paint Co.

Tapered-tenon Cutters (12.8°)
Hollow Augers/Straight Tenon Cutters
Reamers (12.8°)
WoodOwl Augers
Universal Sharpener
Auriou Rasps
Earlex Steam Generator
Veritas Dowel Maker
Felt Wheel for Grinder
Honing Compound

Lee Valley Tools

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Gyokucho Razorsaw

Sliding Bevel
Vesper Tools
Blue Spruce Toolworks

Reamers and Tenon Cutters (6°)
Elia Bizzarri

Star-M Japanese F-Type Auger Bit
Workshop Heaven

WoodOwl OverDrive Bits
Taylor Toolworks

Bedan Sizing Tool
Highland Woodworking

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Claire Minihan Woodworks
Elia Bizzarri
Windsor Workshop

Lucian Avery, blacksmith
Barr Specialty Tools

Soft-jaw Pliers
Tamiya Non-scratch Pliers


Band Saw Blades
Woodslicer from Highland Woodworking

Mirka Abranet

Moisture Meter

— Christopher Schwarz


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