Space Saving, Eco-Conscious Gear for Campers & Road Trippers

The official first day of summer was this week, and with that begins plans for epic outdoor adventures. To help jumpstart your planning, we’ve compiled a list some of our favorite items that camping objects that feel essential rather than overdone and help make sure you conduct your camping or road trip in the most sustainable way possible. 

An Inflatable Lantern Powered by the Sun

There’s nothing about this lamp that’s not to like—for one, it’s inflatable so it can be packed away easily into your backpack. It’s also solar powered and lasts up to 12 hours on one charge. Lastly, it’s waterproof, so it can also float on water! We’re daydreaming about night swimming in a quiet lake with these as we speak…

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A Tech-Friendly Wood Burning Camp Stove

The Biolite Wood Burning Stove is unique in that it uses kindling as opposed to butane to fire up your food, and the other bonus (besides being as eco-conscious as you are) is it can also charge your phone if needed. We see you glampers out there.

The World’s Smallest “Washing Machine”

This one’s for campers and road-trippers alike: the Scrubba Portable Laundry Bag. You simply throw your clothes in with some water and soap, rustle the bag around and voila! Freshly washed clothes (for campers, just make sure you use eco-friendly camping soap and don’t drain into waterways!) 

ButtValet 100% Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes

We just can’t resist a product with as rich of a name as “ButtValet”. 

Hydrapak Collapsible Water Bottle

How do you fit a 1 liter water bottle in your pocket? With a Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle, which collapses to a quarter of its size, allowing you to save space and all those disposable plastic water bottles you were thinking of bringing on your camping excursion.

A Small but Powerful Water Filter

You should always have at least 2 liters of clean water on hand during a short camping trip, but this super-tiny water filtration straw can ensure you’re getting safe sips from pure water sources if you ever find yourself needing more. 

A Space-Saving Fly Fishing Kit

For the impeccably-dressed camper in your life with a love for fishing, there’s this impressively compact collaboration fishing pole and hip pack by Topo Designs and Tenkara Rod Co. Let them catch your dinner for the night!

A Camping Pot Made of Silicone?

This pot solves your issue of finding a place for your enormous cooking pan in your pack. With a body made of collapsible food-grade silicone and an aluminum base, the design of this is fantastic for several reasons: it packs up compactly and easily, the silicone helps prevent heat burns on skin, and the polycarbonate lid allows for easy straining.

Happy summer adventuring!

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