Space-Saving Work From Home Solution: A Fold-Flat, Pull-Out Workstation

With more folks than ever still working from home, we expect there’s currently a rash of space-saving home office furniture designs currently in development. German furniture designer Nils Holger Moormann, however, has a solution that’s already on the market.

Moorman’s Der Vorstand (in German, literally “the board,” but could be interpreted as “The Board” as in “The Board of Directors”) is a workstation that unfurls from the wall. Because it places a wall behind the user, its design shrewdly tackles two issues important for those of us staring into screens and Zooming: It prevents glare coming from windows behind the user, and obscures whatever mess their living space may have devolved into.

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Optional curtains on the side can take care of glare coming from the sides, or if you want more visual privacy, and the lighting in the unit is dimmable.

Folded up, the unit measures just 37.5cm deep, 95cm wide and 230cm tall (14.75″ deep, 37.5″ wide and 90.5″ tall). Pulled open, the overall depth is 170cm (67 inches). The desk surface is 59.1cm deep and 70.9cm wide (23.25″ deep, 28 inches wide).

Der Vorstand runs €8,320 (USD $9,800).

Source: core77

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