Spaceships: Architectural Photography by Lars Stieger

Spaceships, a futuristic series of architectural photographs shot by Lars Stieger.

Lars Stieger is a German freelance designer and photographer who lives and works in Hamburg. His recently published series ‘Spaceships’ is a photographic exploration of futuristic architecture. Using only a reduced color scheme and a nice mix of light and shadows, Lars Stieger has captured detailed shots of geometric shapes. Below you can find a handpicked selection of images. For those of you who want to explore more of Lars Stieger’s photographic work, please visit his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Lars Stieger Photography, geometry
Lars Stieger Photography, circular shape
Circular shape.
Lars Stieger Photography, clean constructions
Clean constructions.
Lars Stieger Photography, forms fading out in the fog
Forms fading out in the fog.
Lars Stieger Photography, futuristic architecture
Futuristic architecture.
Lars Stieger Photography, light, shapes, and patterns
A stunning composition of light, shapes, and patterns.
Lars Stieger Photography, modern architecture
Modern architecture.
Lars Stieger Photography, perfect symmetry
Perfect symmetry.
Lars Stieger Photography, smooth surface
Smooth surface.
Lars Stieger Photography, structures
Lars Stieger Photography, technical and futuristic
A technical and futuristic appearance.
Lars Stieger Photography, the holes
The holes.

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