Special Needs Cat Gets The Most Magical Cat Tree

Wolfie is a special needs cat. His esophagus is kinked, so he survives on a liquid diet. Jacqueline Santiago adopted Wolfie after he was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles. He nows lives with four other cats, and Santiago wanted to do something special for them all. She and her roommate contacted Hollywood Kitty Company to make a custom cat tree, which ended up being the most elaborate cat tree the company has ever made.

“The decaying tree stump on the right was made for my cat Piper who needed her own private space,” Santiago said. “The larger platforms accommodate our bigger cats like Leonidas and Noelle. Our kitty Khaleesi loves all the branches and there is a bed right in the middle just for her. Wolfie is a huge fan of being on top, as is Leo, so we made sure there was several tall platforms so there would be no fighting over the top spot. As we discussed what we were looking for, over time it kept morphing!”   

The cats love the finished structure, and Wolfie spends most of his time there now. Read about Wolfie and the amazing cat tree at The Dodo. See more of Wolfie in his Instagram gallery. -via reddit

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Source: neatorama

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