Specialized Profession: Luxury Marriage Proposal Planner


Would you like to propose marriage to your partner? Do you have a $100,000 to spend? Then I have a great service for you!

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Heather Vaughn operates The Yes Girls, a business that creates perfect, customized marriage proposal scenes. Business Insider quotes her:

We’ve planned some really high-end proposals — some that we haven’t been able to share online due to privacy requests — but our most expensive was over $100,000. 

It was on a private island off of Charleston, South Carolina where the gentleman flew in over 30 members of his closest family and friends on a private jet. We did a full-blown engagement party afterward, so it was a “proposal meets engagement party” all-in-one experience. She was really surprised, and it was gorgeous — like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie, complete with a private villa and a boardwalk right up to the beach. 

If you’d like to have this kind of proposal experience, you can use Vaughn’s Wink Wink feature to subtly signal to your partner about your expectations for getting engaged. It would no doubt be illuminating to receive such a suggestion from one’s partner.

-via Marginal Revolution

Source: neatorama

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