Specialty Industrial Hardware: Sealed-Thread, Sealed-Spindle Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

In every factory, machines and worksurfaces ought be dead-level for the best performance. But factory floors can be uneven, and some are slightly slanted for drainage. Your average articulating leveling foot, with its exposed threads, isn’t appropriate for food and beverage processing facilities, breweries, dairies and pharmaceutical facilities, as strict hygiene standards require frequent cleaning, and threaded surfaces are magnets for grit.

Thus specialty industrial hardware manufacturer Norelem designed this stainless steel Hygienic Leveling Foot. Both the spindle joint and the threads are sealed with silicone and rubber, preventing dirt or grime from touching either, and yielding a quick-to-clean surface that reduces maintenance time.

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If I was rich (these things run 75 to 103 Euro/bucks per pair!) all of my desks and tables would have these.

Source: core77

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