Specialty Task Lighting for Craftspeople: The Extremely Cantilevered Slimline 3

The Daylight Company is a London-based specialty lighting manufacturer. They got their start in 1987, designing and manufacturing lighting specifically for sewing and crafts, where users need to get a lot of light into tricky spaces.

Their Slimline 3 Table Lamp, with its incredible cantilever, caught my eye. The aluminum-shaded lamp is 30″ long and contains two flexible joints, allowing you to get the light bar right where you need it.

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As you might guess, this is the perfect lamp to use with a sewing machine, where the built-in light on the machine often casts a shadow exactly where you don’t want it. In contrast, the Slimline can be placed in the perfect position, and the shade rotates as well:

This could also be placed behind the machine and low, but above the level of the outfeed. Used in this way, you’d have perfect visibility across the bed but still have unfettered access to the reverse.

The Slimline 3 has four brightness levels, maxing out at 1,065 lumens, and runs $235.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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