Specialty Tools: Snake Tongs

If you go to Tongs.com, you won’t find barbecue utensils. Instead you will find Snake Tongs designed by Dana Savorelli, “a 40-year veteran in the field of research and development of animal handling equipment.”

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Savorelli’s company, Midwest Tongs, produces a variety of his snake tongs, snake hooks and snake baggers. Looking through his lineup, my favorite is his Snake Stix Tongs:

I love that these are pure form-follows-function, yet still have poetry to them, looking like a bird. They come in seven different lengths ranging from 24″ to 83″ and don’t have any exposed cables or springs that could get fouled.

While my wife is the farm’s resident snake-catcher and uses her bare hands (not kidding), I’m thinking I should get her a set of these. Or at least maybe some Snake Gloves.

It should be noted that Savorelli uses a portion of the company’s profits to benefit rescue animals:

“Dana Savorelli has dedicated his life to the safe and humane handling of animals and it is the core operating principle of his company, Midwest Tongs. One of the biggest ways that Dana fulfills this calling is in the founding and operation of Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary, a non-profit animal sanctuary and retirement home for over 250 animals. Not exclusive to primates, Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary offers food, shelter and acquires veterinary care for unwanted and abandoned exotic animals of all types. These animals require special accommodations and handling skills that most animal control agencies do not possess, and thus many of these animals are euthanized. By providing Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary, Dana has saved the lives of countless animals. He is a sought-after expert in the rescue, rehabilitation and housing of distressed exotic animals.”

Source: core77

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