Spending Time in Japan on a Working Holiday

One of the things I would love to do someday is to travel to various places and be able to work there as well. I’d like to have time to go on an adventure and not have to worry about how much I would be spending since I can work. Not a lot of countries allow you to do that. But Japan does. And they call it “Working Holidays”.

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In Japan, a working holiday is a visa classification that falls under the “Designated Activities” category. It allows you to live, travel, and work in Japan for a limited period of time, usually about a year, although it varies by country. Working holiday programs are bilateral agreements Japan enters into with individual countries, which means that if you’re working in Japan, there’s a Japanese counterpart working in your country too.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this kind of visa allows young people to enter Japan “primarily for the purpose of spending holidays while allowing them to engage in employment as an incidental activity of their holidays for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.” This means the visa is specifically designed for you to work part-time or freelance, all while having the time of your life.

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