Spherical Flame in Microgravity & More Neat Posts

🔥 On Earth, fire is shaped like, well, fire because of gravity. In space, it is nothing like what we’ve ever seen: NASA did a combustion research and showed that fire is spherical in microgravity.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

🐱 Cats of the Wedge Tour is a walking tour of neighborhood cats in Minneapolis that drew in hundreds of people.

🏠 Wife complaining of the same view out the home window? Build her a rotating house.

🦠 Watch COVID-19 spread across the USA from Jan 2020 to Oct 2021

🧱 Now this is charming: Calvin and Hobbes Crossing the Bridge in LEGO

♕ Let’s play! The Queen’s Gambit mosaics made out of chess symbols.

🧛 Is this a smiling vampire bat or a cat?

More neat posts over at our new sites: Pictojam, Supa Fluffy, Homes & Hues, and Pop Culturista. Please check ’em out!

Image: NASA

Source: neatorama

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