Spider Apocalypse

Don’t worry, it’s not really a sign of an impending world-wide apocalypse. A thick blanket of cobwebs has covered Victoria, Australia, after heavy rains and flooding. The cobwebs covered landscapes like a sheet,  with people calling the phenomenon a ‘spider apocalypse.’ However, according to professor Dieter Hochuli of the University of Sydney, this is just a natural phenomenon: 

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He told 7NEWS that what’s been seen in Victoria is a group ofspiders called sheet web spiders who mostly stay on the ground layer, but start moving during heavy rains and flooding. 

“They move to a higher ground (and build a new house there),” he was quoted as saying by 7NEWS. 

Professor Hochuli also said that the webs of these spiders are flat, and different different from orb webs — the ones usually seen. 

Local media reported that the phenomenon is known as “ballooning”. In such events, spiders release silk strands which are caught by the wind and allow them to be carried away. 

“Many land close by, sometimes swathing the landscape in gossamer silk; but others may travel long distances across land or sea,” according to the Australian Museum.

Image screenshot via Yahoo News 

Source: neatorama

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